How Our Mobile App Works

A peek into the the app…

Our business directory app is super easy to use. Download the app on either iOS or Android and sign up in minutes.

Post content about your business or product including pictures. Share your business website and social media links too.

Pick a category or section that suits your needs: For Sale, Jobs, Recommendations, Promotions, or Entertainment.

Upload your business information, location and contact details for greater visibility. View other businesses’ details as well.

Make the most of the fact that app users can search for businesses within a specified radius or in a particular category.

View app details and settings, share the app, and send feedback. Check our privacy policy and our terms and conditions

More App Features

People download our app knowing that it’s like a search engine. Our app will help you promote your business!

Post content about your business or product. Find other businesses near you that have what you want.

Our mobile app is easy to setup and get started in no time. It’s just like the social media apps you’re used to.

Our content is divided into five categories. Simply choose the category your post falls under before posting.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a physical store. Our app makes you more visible to your target audience.

Accessibility is never an issue with us. We make sure our app is available and user-friendly on iOS and Android.