10 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Being an entrepreneur or freelancer, or owning a small business in this time and age is no piece of cake. They all face a tough fight for a gap in the market against large companies, in addition to suffer from the competition of other companies of similar size.

Fortunately, technological advances have narrowed down the differences between SMEs and large companies. It is now possible to reach a larger audience thanks to Internet and social networks. But there are also other actions that can be taken to be successful when you own a small business. The following 10 ideas can help your business grow and get ahead of the competition by using the correct Marketing strategy.

     1) Choose a platform that suits you and your audience

Marketing actions for small businesses on social networks are easy to carry out if you are already familiar with the platform. Try to find social channels that you already use on your day to day, see if your audience is generally active on them and see how they fit into it. If not, simply expand your horizons and look for alternatives.

     2) Find your stellar product

Focus your marketing strategy on advertising your starry product. When you own a small business, you may not have many goods to offer, which is perfect for this idea. Find the product/service your customers love, usually the highest-rated one, and advertise it as your primary product. This way, your customers will have an elevated perception of its value, and your company will position itself as an expert of that product or service.

     3) Add value with your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is where all the action happens and brands, large or small, are always thinking of creative ways to take advantage of this channel, already integrated into a well-known platform. Although they have a limited duration, and eventually disappear after 24 hours, they are great for breaking news about a product. Especially when previewing something new that’s being created behind the scenes, or hosting a Q&A between brand and public. The best part: it’s easy to use and has a lot of potential for your brand. So, get your phone recording and be creative!

    4) Use reviews from satisfied clients

The use of client reviews is probably the oldest trick in the book, but it’s still effective to this day. Especially now with the easy access to Internet and social media, where everyone can share their opinions online about every product/service they purchase or use. This can help your business to compete with other brands equitably.

    5) List your business in an online directory

Web directories still have value, and they add real value to your business as well. They are also a great source for your business, as they provide credibility and drive traffic to your site. For small or local business, business directories promote trust, affordable and easy to use, and it helps your company with its local search ranking factor on Google. Our App gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to promote their  business and to improve visibility online. Sign up for a free trial or test out one of our packages http://agoldenopportunityapp.com/

    6) Collaborate when creating printed marketing materials

Offline marketing ideas often involve printing them, and for a good reason. On average, printed materials make a good impression, as they last longer than online content and are attractive to some senses, like touch. It’s also advantageous because it can reach audiences that no email marketing campaign would, such as people who do not use social media or public networks who you have not targeted with your campaigns yet.

    7) Become a speaker in a business event

Speaking in public can have a positive impact on your company relevant to Marketing and notoriety. It’s a great way to get your business out in the open and, in most cases, it’s free.

    8) Participate in awards and certifications

Nothing drives brand awareness like an award for being recognised as a professional. Look for awards and certification programs that recognise excellence in areas such as customer service, innovation, and product quality. In addition, it can boost yours and your team’s confidence. It also looks great on marketing resources, and builds trust with new customers you want to do business with.

   9) Send press releases

Writing a press release about your business can be a very inexpensive marketing technique, especially if you can promote the journalists’ or bloggers’ content on your own channels. Don’t forget to follow your best practices when choosing a subject and writing the text!

10) Offer a discount to referrals

Recommend a referred partner to your customers and give them a discount when they mention your business name. A mutual referral program like this attracts potential customers on two levels: they save money and they already have one less purchase decision and research to do.

When implementing your Marketing plan, try to find the balance between the offline and the online approach. Your main strategy may focus on one of these two modalities, but there are times when it will be helpful to lean on the opposite method. In conclusion, it’s worth knowing all the options to get the most out of them.

Kimberley Gimpel